Hello international! Are you interested in a new challenge? Is doing a triathlon a goal for you? Or do you just like to work out in a group? NSTV Trion is the place to be! 🙂

Trion is the student triathlon union in Nijmegen. We have members from all kinds of levels; some just started swimming, others are competing at the top. Feel welcome to join!

Advantages of being a member of Trion:
– 4 practices at different levels with professional coaches (2x swimming, 1x cycling, 1x running)
– multiple competitions organised by Trion
– you can join teamcompetition at your own level
– cool events, such as training weekends and borrel every 3rd tuesday
– a lot of gezelligheid of course!

I want to be a member!

To become a member of Trion you need a sports card of the RSC. Apart from that the contribution will be:
– students: 32,50 euro
– alumni*: 55 euro

*To become a member as an alumni you need to fulfill the requirements of the RSC Almuni rules.

Do you like to become a member? Please click on the link and fill in the form.



We hope to see you soon!

I want to join a practice!

Are you not sure yet? You are more than welcome to try out our practices for two weeks, free of charge. To do so, please send an e-mail to nstvtrion@outlook.com


Information for members

Monday: running, 20:00-21:15h, by Milan van der Meer, @Radboud Sports Centre
Tuesday: swimming, 19:00-20:00h, 20:00-21:00h (experienced), by Roeland Smits, @Erica Terpstra Bad
Wednesday*: cycling, 19:00h, by Sep Thijssen, assemble @Radboud Sports Centre *from april-september
Thursday: swimming, 19:00-20:00h, by Tom Havekes, @Erica Terpstra Bad

Team competition
Trion competes in the team competition with two teams for women, and two teams for men. At different levels, so everyone can join! For more information on team competition, see https://teamcompetities.nl/. If you are interested in joining, you can ask the board (nstvtrion@outlook.com) or team captains for details.

A union without committees is not a union. Trion has a lot of members that passionately do things for our club. Do you want to join a committee? Send a message to a board member or e-mail nstvtrion@outlook.com.
List of committees:
– introduction committee, to welcome new members
– media committee, to keep socials up to date and write the club magazine
– activity committee, to organise fun activities
– weekend committee, to organise training weekends
– competition committee, to organise competitions by Trion, such as the Trion triathlon
– team competition committee, to organise team competition for Trion (members of this committee are team captains)